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Working As A Freelancer Vs. Working At A Company

The idea of working as a freelancer can sound fun and adventurous to many people. Of course, those people do not always stop to take into account what it actually takes to work as a freelancer – any type of freelancer. It is actually quite a bit different from working at a regular company. In […]

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5 Secrets To Getting A Bigger Pay Rise Than Your Work Colleagues

It’s easy to feel trapped after you’ve been at your company for a number of years. I bet you’re starting to feel like you deserve a big raise. Do you know how to ask for one the right way? If you mess up you might get even more depressed, so let’s look at some things […]

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Is Being a Driving Instructor a Good Career for You?

Nearly everybody learns to drive at some point in their lives, and of course, that means there is a high demand for people who can teach them. Driving instructors, whether they are self-employed or work for larger driving schools, can usually (assuming they have some decent marketing in place if it is their own business) […]

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Shocking Law School Trends Of 2014 And Onwards

The legal industry itself is like a glacier. It doesn’t change a great deal and generations of families enter the legal trade to make a living. Where the change does happen is in the entrance paths to the legal industry. It is well-known that there are a lot of unemployed lawyers with useless degrees from […]

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How Can You Make A Career As An Attorney?

An attorney at law has one of the most challenging roles in American society today. They have to keep up with the changing law and deal with people from all walks of life. Yes, the pay is fantastic, but expect to work long hours and put up with an extreme amount of stress. If this […]

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5 Student Tips for Writing A College Application Essay

Writing a college application essay is one of each student’s priorities once they get to college. Before stepping foot in a university, you will be needing to apply for it first. Every university requires a college application, and as an applicant, you have to write an essay which will be the key to your admission […]

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Free Online Nutrition Classes For A Healthy You

Are you aware that there are free online nutrition classes you can take advantage of? With the amount of resources and information available to us nowadays, there is really no excuse for not improving your diet for a healthier you. We need to pay attention to the nutrition our body is getting from the food […]

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Reasons Why Your Future is More Promising with Medvance

Medvance, formerly known as the Cumberland School of Medical Technology, is a leading provider of professional training for anyone who wishes to have a career in the allied health industry. Allied health professionals are highly trained individuals who provide assistance to the medical professional. Advancements in the medical world and the continuing need for better […]

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So You Want To Get A Job In The Medical Spa Trade – Please Read This First!

Medical Spas are big business and people just can’t seem to get enough of this type of treatment nowadays. As well as enabling individuals to look and feel good, the health and medical aspects to these services are really appealing to the masses. So if you feel like switching trades and maybe becoming a part […]

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How To Cover Up A Career Gap In Five Clever Ways

There comes a point in our lives, when we’re forced to take a break from the job. It could be anything from health issues to marriage to further studies to travel around the world. Whatever the reason may be, one fact remains that it poses a big risk to future job prospects. Re-launching the career […]